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Millbug's Story

Millbug is an electronics manufacturing company started in 2012 in Port Elizabeth South Africa. The company gained prominence after developing Africa’s first solar powered tablet PC in December of 2013. Since then, the company has developed multiple connected solutions for both industry and consumer applications.

Market Sectors

The automotive electronics sector comprises all the electronic and electrical sub-systems used in military, consumer and industrial vehicles.

The construction and engineering electronics sector comprises all the electronic and electrical sub-systems used in heavy industry.

Energy-saving technologies consist of a wide range of product, systems, and components which assist in overall energy reduction, through generation, increased efficiency or novel processes.

Avionics can be defined as the development and production of electrical equipment for use in aircraft, spacecraft and satellites.

Telecommunications comprises all the electronic exchange of data over a variety of information transmitting technologies and systems. 

Investor Relations

Career & Jobs

Millbug is growing fast and we are actively in search of exceptional people with which to build truly innovative solutions. If you would like to be part of team, please do get in touch.


  • “I’ve been privileged to work with Millbug and Sabelo Sibanda since the start of this remarkable, innovative journey. Sabelo and his team are making truly wonderful progress in the African tech space – as well as developing an international footprint. I’ve no doubt that Millbug, under the leadership of Thulisile and Sabelo, will go from strength to strength.”

    Fred Roed
    CEO of Heavy Chef. Co-founder of World Wide Creative.
  • ” I met Thulisile and Sabelo in 2012 when they started on the Millbug venture as their business mentor. I have always been inspired by their ability to stay positive in the face of adversity, to truly immerse themselves in client needs and always come up with innovations that work. They are relentless in their pursuit of sustainable solutions and serve as examples for their own and younger generations. Wishing them all the success in the world always!”

    Ellen Fischat
    MD of Silicon Cape