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Active and passive equipment


The telecommunications sector comprises the technologies and systems required to transmit data for the purpose of communication. Telecommunications is a vital infrastructure component which spans both traditional wired and wireless mediums and is subject to stringent regulation and control.

The telecommunication sector encompasses the following applications:

Internet and broadband connectivity

Internet connectivity requires a number of different technologies in order to provide connectivity. These include fibre-optic and satellite links to other countries, local network backbone and routing services, and the “last-mile” connectivity to users. Routers and switches are used to intelligently route network traffic, dedicated servers are required to provide internet services such as DNS, access control and domain name registration.
The “last-mile” service between users and their service providers are often supplied alongside traditional fixed-line telephony services, as in ADSL or even fixed data lines. Other options include wireless “last-mile” technologies over proprietary radio frequencies, CDMA technology and GSM networks.

Local and wireless networking technologies

Consumer telecommunication equipment includes many interconnection devices for home and office use. There are two major categories of local networking technologies; local area networks and local wireless networks. Both technologies provide interconnecting functionality between devices.

Radio and television broadcasting technologies

Radio and television broadcasts typically consist of a few high powered transmitters which transmit to a large number of low-powered receivers. The majority of television and radio broadcasts are analogue signals, which are relatively easy to decode but can be prone to interference and noise depending on the frequency modulation. Both radio and television are closely regulated internationally and require licenses to operate.
There is growing adoption internationally of digital television technologies, which offer many benefits over traditional analogue broadcasts. In addition, satellite television broadcasting has become a popular alternative to terrestrial broadcast television.

Millbug Offering

Millbug supplies South African manufactured fibre optic cable as well as a range of DWDM switches and over the air solutions for last mile implementations. A comprehensive cable product offering may be found here.