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Our history and purpose.

New Technology

We exist to provide the most innovative solutions that exceed expectation.

Modern Facility

Millbug’s SMT has state of the art equipment to ensure the best possible product quality.

Energy Efficient

Environmentally friendly manufacturing practices are strictly adhered to at Millbug.


Sustainable practices are a cornerstone of everything we do here at Millbug. 

Our Story

Millbug is an electronics manufacturing company started in 2012 in Port Elizabeth South Africa. The company gained prominence after developing Africa’s first solar powered tablet PC in December of 2013. That development was the biggest driver towards erecting an SMT manufacturing facility in Port Elizabeth – before then, the company made use of international contract manufacturers.

Millbug has since developed many innovative solutions in the consumer and industrial sectors, primarily for the MEA region. A level 1 BEE rating (by the new rules) as well as obsessive attention to detail, makes Millbug a brilliant commercialization partner. 

Smart City

We have developed multiple solutions that may be used for smart city projects.

Internet of Things

In the future, saying something is internet enabled will be as redundant as calling an object electricity enabled.

Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is upon us, companies that fail to embrace it face a bleak future – or none at all. 

Our Purpose

The purpose of Millbug’s existence is to provide clients with the most innovative electronics solutions. Be it industrial or consumer applications, our expertise in industry 4.0 solutions is ever improving to consistently achieve this goal.